Choose an Italian recipe

Each box has traditional Italian recipes of a region, the needed local products and info about their story and traditions.


Receive it at home

You can choose the box you want, or subscribe to get one each month, each time with a different receipe.


Follow recipes and cooking suggestions to cook the traditional plate, from the aperitif to the espresso after lunch!

The fabulous Italian experience

Be an Italian Chef for one day. We choose Italian recipes for each region, and the needed handmade products to cook it. We personally wrap them into our PoiBox. You will find also cooking suggestions and the history of the products and their territory.

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Eppoi, the app with events, restaurants, museums…and the Tasting Trips!



Each box has a QR-code, relative to its Tasting Trip explorable by the the app Eppoi.



With the Tasting Trips you’ll know the story of the typical Italian food, and where you can find them.

Eppoi App

Download the free app Eppoi to explore the Tasting Trips of the Italian regions. Not only taste…but also events, restaurants, hotels, museums… each Point Of Interest, just one app!